Time Keeping

I cannot stand bad time keeping. Today I agreed to meet someone at 2pm. I rang them at 2.15pm to discover they had allegedly just left home. I rang them again at 3pm and they had allegedly only just got to somewhere that at best was 30 mins for them. They finally arrived at 3.45PM.

I am far past the anger stage and just let it go , however I continue to pride myself on always being early and never late or at least honesty when things go wrong. It’s not hard to make a call, or is it?



Can anyone explain to me how this Friends thing is supposed to work? I have over 600 “Friends” on Facebook and nearly 3 times that many followers on Twitter, yet those I interact with and who actually interact with me I could count on my fingers and toes.

I get that People have busy lives, mine is busy , even without employment, yet what has happened to actually asking how you are doing or How about that Coffee ?

Instead its a like on a Sunset Photo if I am lucky and banter with a small group of regular followers and contibuters only. So why are the rest of them actually there?

I accept some feel they should remain out of an obligation perhaps as we were former work colleagues, however what is wrong with a Hello or even a mention instead of me making all of the effort. I am reluctant to remove as then I could end up like a Billy No Mates, well maybe not quite that bad ….

An Overdue Update

So here it is , the update as to what has happened and where I am now.

I was made redundant for the second time in September last year after taking the option of redundancy over a substantial paycut which would have left me working for less than what I earnt 20 years ago.

I decided to take sometime off. Not at all being bigheaded but as I could afford to I did so and what started out as a 3 month rest extended to a 6 month rest and now almost a year, although I have looked and am still looking for new roles I am being choosy whilst I can afford to as I now have Care obligations and responsibilities for an elderly relative.

I have not been idle, I have continued in all of my Community Volunteer Roles, I have also pursued my love of Photography even more and learnt lots more. I haven’t travelled much however have got more involved with some vehicle restorations too.

I am now looking more seriously again and would prefer to stay in Property Management , Housing Management or Extra Care as I have a wealth of knowledge of now almost 30 years in all to offer, so we’ll see what happens.

My biggest threat this time around is my age as I am learning that experience doesn’t always put you at the front of a selection process as Employers think you are too old to learn, which isn’t the case or aren’t open to new ideas which couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve also prided myself in being aware and following current thinking and practices plus getting involved in discussions and chats on Social Media as appropriate.




I keep thinking that I should start writing again, afterall Facebook & Twitter are no longer the places to pour your heart out or write proper updates on.

So let’s see how this pans out. I bet some will be shocked that I’ve even remembered that I have this , given I spend most of my time on Flickr now days.

It’s Been Awhile

It’s been awhile since I was here.

I think Social Media such as Twitter , Flickr and Facebook has taken over from blogging for me, although there are still things I have to say and may well return to writing properly soon.

The Future

I started this blog to keep a record of my efforts and new beginnings. Granted I seemed to have stopped writing, this is for no real reason other than having not much of any interest to say.

I need to do something about that and start updating more often again.

Pinch, Punch, First of the Month

Below is a post from last year that I forgot to add and it stayed in the drafts. I’ve added it now as I am sure it’s still relevant to those in this situation now.

As usual I was early for my appointment, I explained everything I had done and showed how many positions I had applied for. I fed back on the two positions I was given leads on during my last visit.

I was expecting to hear I should be doing more, instead I was told I am doing everything that I could be and am able to demonstrate it. I was also told that “they” are checking up on the booklet content, something I shouldn’t have a problem with as it is always fully filled out.

New appointment set for two weeks with no new leads on their search this time. My search continues..